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The Norfolk Coast has something for everyone, whether it’s making memories with friends and family or adventuring by bike or foot.

In any season, it’s a welcoming place to simply slow down and spend more time in nature.

There are plenty of opportunities to find things you enjoy. Seek out something fun that you’ve never done. From tidal creeks to thriving streets. From vast dark skies to seabird cries. From ice-swimming to bell-ringing.

See some of our favourite activities that you can experience on the Norfolk Coast. These are low-impact experiences, making sure this special place remains well looked-after.

Know before you go
Three people walking on Holkham beach, through the dunes
Know before you go
Find out how to help us take care of this special coast in all sorts of ways
Go green and hop on a bus, train or bike to explore the Norfolk Coast
Two people walking on Holkham beach
Slow down to experience the coast on foot and discover hidden gems