Sand dunes at Brancaster beach


Brancaster boardwalk work

The boardwalk is to be replaced at Brancaster on the Norfolk Coast Path.

A new stretch of boardwalk will provide access to the coast for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Planning permission has been granted to replace a section of the Brancaster boardwalk; which is currently rotting away in places and not safe to walk on, with a glass-reinforced plastic boardwalk which has an expected life-span of 75 years.

This new stretch of boardwalk will provide access to the coast, for people of all ages and abilities, to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the Norfolk Coast Path and the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The aim of the new section of boardwalk is to provide a fully accessible 2km stretch which provides space for wheelchairs and pushchairs to pass each other while also protecting the fragile saltmarsh environment that the boardwalk runs through.

Regular passing places and rest stops will feature on the boardwalk which not only provide a place for visitors to catch their breath and enjoy the view, but also deters them from stepping off route which would damage the surrounding habitat.

The Brancaster boardwalk passes through highly protected saltmarsh habitat and coastal landscape which is home to many rare and threatened species such as the bearded tit, the marsh harrier and the natterjack toad.

With the help of Natural England, National Trust and Norfolk Wildlife Trust a minimally invasive construction process has been developed which doesn’t require heavy machinery on site, or lengthy build times. The boardwalk itself, which has a modular design and arrives to site ready for installation, is made in the UK from recycled plastic bottles which doesn’t shed microplastics and is resistant to both fire and the harsh marine environment.

We will keep you updated about this project’s progress!